Petroleum Wholesalers is a distributor in many fuels and petroleum based products. We are a wholesale fuel provider of unbranded petroleum products to all the major fuel companies.  Our main source of business is generated from larger stations including BP, Exxon Mobil, Shell, and Citgo fueling stations. Our company provides wholesale petroleum products of gasoline in every grade, diesel fuel, oil, and kerosene. We can service any fueling station, wholesale reseller with the product they need and at the lowest price guaranteed. The main thing that sets us apart from our competitors is the low cost of each order, free delivery (select locations do not apply), and reliable 24/7 online and offline support. Each customer can rest assured that when they order from Petroleum Wholesalers they will be receiving quality products and excellent service.

        Petroleum wholesalers is the number one fuel distributor for you. We work with each customer in order to create the best solution to their business’s petroleum fuel needs.  Our fast and friendly call center as well as our online support team is open seven days a week, twenty four hours a day so that any help you need with your order will be met and handled at your convenience. Whether your need is wholesale gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, or kerosene Petroleum Wholesalers will be able to give you the lowest price on the market,  as well as free delivery of your order. Our company is the wholesalers wholesaler, so why not cut out the middle man and purchase directly from us and take that extra profit from the lower prices we can offer.

The lower prices and fast and friendly support team have helped to raise our company up into a number one fuel jobber, providing a line of high quality products with the service to match. Orders are customisable if you need only diesel or a select grade of gasoline we can adjust your order to fit your businesses needs personally. Our company sells each of our petroleum based products in bulk so as to get you the lowest price available on the volume of product needed by a fueling station or wholesale reseller.

Delivery is handled by our own fleet of trucks, and is included free on order in the Michigan area. our delivery scheduling is built with the convenience of our customers as the main concern. This means that you can schedule delivery for whatever time best suits the needs of your business. Any time of day or night, including weekends, are ok to order or schedule a drop off of product. The storing and shipping of our fuel products is held to the highest environmental standards. We approach the fuel business with the care and focus necessary to build a reliability you can count on to bring you the fuel you need, when you need it, at the prices you can’t beat.

        We encourage our customers to be vocal and let us know if there is any room for improvement or area they need aid throughout the ordering and delivery process. Please feel free to contact us at 1-877-550-0320 (24/7 support), 313-581-8000 (main office) or via email at  to help us better help you. Our number one concern is customer satisfaction and this motto has never steered us wrong, allowing Petroleum Wholesalers to grow as quickly and completely as we have, into the number one distributor of petroleum based products for you.