Petroleum Wholesale is a michigan based petroleum fuels distributor. We have a national reach for delivery and can provide wholesale solutions to your petroleum product needs anywhere in the country. Our distribution and fuel storage is centrally located in Dearborn, Michigan. Delivery of our petroleum based fuel is carried out by our own fleet of trucks, allowing for a reduction in shipping costs for us, which directly translates into our ability to waive shipping and delivery fees for our customers. Let our experience in the fuel industry help guide you to the best purchase for your business location and enjoy our worry free delivery. Petroleum Wholesale can ship all grades of gasoline, diesel and kerosine with a flexible delivery schedule designed to provide your location with its needed fuel at whatever time is most convenient  for your business. This means we can handle your drop off twenty four hours a day seven days a week. This flexibility of scheduling will let you receive your fuel delivery at whatever time will create the least hassle for potential customers allows you to schedule around the biggest flow of foot traffic in your business location.


Petroleum Wholesalers distributes product to a myriad of businesses, including municipalities, airports, school districts, the US Post Office, and public/private fueling facilities. The low prices, reliable and fast delivery, quality product, and friendly service have helped our company grow quickly into one of the largest wholesale providers in the state of Michigan. We started out with local deliveries to other Michigan based companies. But as time progressed our reliability, low price guarantee, and free shipping helped us take a strong foothold in the Michigan market and branch out to  the surrounding States to help provide for their needs as well. With Petroleum Wholesalers you will get the reliability and pricing of a national distributor with the customer focused approach of a local company. Our team is there to support you through every step of the ordering and distribution process with helpful and friendly staff, twenty for hours a day seven days a week. Our call center can be reached for any questions or concerns about your delivery at 1-877-212-1294 any time day or night, or our main location can be contacted during regular business hours at 313-581-8000.

Our call staff can handle any issues that may be concerning you, including but not limited to: scheduling/rescheduling deliveries, pricing concerns and promotions, free delivery locations, changes to orders, quality assurance questions, and storage/transportation environmental concerns. Petroleum Wholesalers is built with the idea of transparency and open dialogue with our customers throughout the entirety of the business process. We want to build happy satisfied customers who know they can rely on our knowledge of the fuel market to provide them with the best product, at the best price, at the time that best suites their needs. We have found that the best way for that to happen is to show our customers that any questions they have about our distribution or products will be met with a friendly and knowledgeable employee to provide the answers they need and the service they want.

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