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To get the best result out of this, it’s best to choose two very powerful characters and equip them with the Heal power-up which you get by scanning random Tiny Titans Cards. To play again you have to pay with Cubes or Ultra Transformers RobotsInDisguise latest apk Sparks (game’s in-game currency). At the end of the Tower Run, the player will get a chance to spin a Wheel and win whatever lands on the pointer. Previous update (Version 1.1) contained level cutscenes and several new characters. The new update (Version 1.2) which came on 30th April for both Android and iOS is the biggest update for the app so far.

They also teamed up alongside Strongarm in bringing Zizza down. After everything goes back to normal at the airfield, Windblade decides to leave. Much to Sideswipe’s pleading for her to stay, Windblade informs him that her next con is waiting out there.

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Foreman Pig as Lockdown is based on the Age of Extinction character of the same name, even having an Aventador-like alt-mode. As Deadend his design is a mixture of the G1 cartoon and Animated. Dead End in the G1 cartoon is a member of the Stunticons who can combine into Menasor. As Barricade, he is based on the same character in the Transformers Movies. His design, however, is a combination of the first movie and The Last Knight. King Pig as Megatron is based on Movie Megatron’s design in Revenge of the Fallen, even sporting a similar-looking tank alt-mode with tank treads on his legs and a claw-shaped “fusion cannon”.

As the humans and Autobots came to the base, Optimus perpared to roll out with Ratchet. Optimus puts Arcee in charge and she questions him on where he’s going. Optimus said he was going with Ratchet to investigate and they went off. Megatron used a Dark Energon shard to revive a small army of zombie Cybertronians. They almost fell at their mercy, until Optimus used his strength to kill a bunch of them and helped out Ratchet.

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In January 2006, the Hasbro Transformers Collectors’ Club comic wrote a story based on the Transformers Classics toy line, set in the Marvel Comics universe, but excluding the Generation 2 comic. Fifteen years after Megatron crash lands in the Ark with Ratchet, the war continues with the characters in their Classics bodies. In 2001, Dreamwave Productions began a new universe of annual comics adapted from Marvel, but also included elements of the animated. The Dreamwave stories followed the concept of the Autobots defeating the Decepticons on Earth, but their 1997 return journey to Cybertron on the Ark II is destroyed by Shockwave, now ruler of the planet. The story follows on from there, and was told in two six-issue limited series, then a ten-issue ongoing series. Factory released the entire G1 series in a 16-DVD box set called the Matrix of Leadership Edition.

  • In the aftermath they found themselves having to cope with two Sideswipes but after the two Sideswipes got the Cybertronian tool from Dragstrip, they were reverted to one Sideswipe with Fixit’s help.
  • These are used to upgrade your characters and create Energonicons.
  • Saberhorn is a pirate who was imprisoned on Alchemor for plundering cargo vessels and his alt-mode is a rhinoceros beetle.
  • As Ricochet, he is based on the character of the same name from the G1 Japanese continuation series Headmasters.
  • Especially when dealing with system apps like the Google Play Store.
  • This show failed miserably due to its lackluster writing, incoherent story, annoying and pointless characters , and for its overall cheesiness.
  • Then Grimlock catches it with his mouth, and brings it back to Bulkhead.

The number of keys you have earned will determine how many gifts you can open. There’s even an achievement where you get turned into a washing machine at the very last minute as a Deceptihog upon returning to the Astrotrain! Missiles will release coins when destroyed by simply shooting at them before they hit the player. Some characters such as Galvatron, Grimlock, Shockwave, Epic Optimus Prime and Starscream can directly destroy missiles in one shot. It is to note that the cannons that fire these missiles are indestructible.

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That’s exactly right… yet, I get the feeling Hasbro hasn’t fully embraced this. However, they are branching off into mobile gaming , and there’s rumor/speculation about toys-to-life being in the pipeline. Ergo, all of these idiotic variations/choices of 1 character may be a transition into the future, where Hasbro will dramatically cut back on making so many toys (there’s just more money in media/technology, I suspect). Well, that\’s a relief, at least we will have some proper toys of the Combiners in not-combining form…. because the Team Combiner version frankly, looked terrible.

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But the best part comes when you fill up the bar in the lower left corner of your screen, after which you can transform into your vehicle and unleash your powerful special attack. Agent Fowler, the Autobots’ government contact, is also never mentioned in the series. Soundwave is treated as this when he briefly escapes in Portals. He’s resealed into the Shadowzone at the end of the episode. Unfortunately for the Autobots, he’s somehow found new friends to help him escape.

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These 5-7 year olds play with smart phones and have no need for dumb toys. Back in the eighties, every character got one standard figure geared towards all ages. Now a days, we get a soap bottle Bumblebee for ages 1-3, a one step changer Bumblebee for ages 3-5, a 3 step changer Bumblebee for ages 5-7, a deluxe Bumblebee for ages 7-12 and a Masterpiece Bumblebee for teens and adults. I understand its not the eighties, but I think we can do without the Leigons/Legends, one steppers, 3 steppers and dumb gimmick toys that warm the shelves. All they do is eat a huge chunk out of Hasbro’s budget that could be used to either give us more on screen characters in toy form or improved quality and paint apps on the existing deluxe/voyager/leader figures from their respective lines. I can understand the soap bottle style rescue bots for ages 1-3, but I think all the mid level stuff is pointless garbage.

  • This time you are given the artist and you have to find one of his songs.
  • All in on status aver enables downloads of media from popular social media platforms to own device for viewing when offline or sharing them on your own social media account.
  • With the Quintessons cast off and forgotten, Cybertron was at peace.
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  • To survive the constant fuel shortages, various Transformers across the multiverse have attempted to find means of either reducing or circumventing their reliance on energon.