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I’m always wary about doing this, but the developer writes that doing so will let you place your friends’ pictures and status updates on the call screen. If a blocked number attempts to call you, the caller hears a busy signal and you hear nothing. Truecaller only generates a helpful visual notification with the caller’s information. It also has a combination call log and search history, though it is hidden as a sub-page of the search page. I thought this was pretty confusing, and I don’t think that having unified search and call history helped me. In exchange, Truecaller gets data about which services are Truecaller APK being used by users.

  • It compiles all your calls, messaging, and contacts into one.
  • If you don’t want to play for money, they have an in-game currency called tokens and you can just play them because they are free and still oddly very fun.
  • The call reason will show up over Call Alerts and Caller ID on the other person’s phone provided that they are a Truecaller user.

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Truecaller Data Being Sold On Dark Web Doesnt Belong To Its Users, Says Company

You can earn money by referring friends, earning coupons, and getting cashback from everyday purchases. Rakuten can be an easy way to generate a bit of passive income. Higi is an activity tracker that won’t pay you directly, but it will pay a charity of your choice.

Additionally, the rumours also say that there will be a new weapon called grenade launcher, homing missiles and an RPG gun to fire missiles. Also other features like binoculars, vehicle repair kits and much more in the game. If you like what you read, please support our publication by sharing it with your friends, family and colleagues. If you’re running an Adblocker, we humbly request you to whitelist us.

Fps Vs Hz Refresh Rate, What Are The Differences?

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